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Local Farmers


Local Farmers

Terra Organics partners with local organic farms to bring our customers the freshest organic produce possible during the local growing season. Our goal is to support local farms, communities and economies while reducing the environmental impact of long distance shipping.

Aside from our direct relationships with the farms listed here, Terra Organics buys produce as often as possible from other certified organic Washington and Northwest farms.

Tahoma Farms

Tahoma Farms is a 40-acre former dairy located just south of the town of Orting.  The farm began operations in April 2009, and in September of the same year, Kim and Dan Hulse, owners of Terra Organics, purchased the farm.  During the growing season, more than half of the food in Terra's boxes come from Tahoma Farms. 

Cliffside Orchards

Founded by Jeff and Jeanette Herman in 1982, this 7-acre farm in Kettle Falls, Washington produces certified organic cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, pears and apples.

Learn more about Cliffside

Boistfort Valley Farms

A 47-acre certified organic farm on the South Fork of the Chehalis River, Boistfort Valley enjoys some of the most fertile farmland in the state. They grow organic vegetables in a manner that is healthy for the soil and surroundings.

Dungeness/Nash’s Produce

Nash Huber has farmed the Dungeness Delta for over 25 years using organic growing methods. Today, Nash and his crew farm nearly 400 acres and provide the region with more than 100 different varieties of healthful and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Learn more about Nash's

Willie Greens

Willie Greens Organic Farm in Monroe, WA, grows a lot of early season veggies and berries for us. You can find Willie Greens produce at most Washington farmers' markets, in local grocery stores and at many Seattle restaurants, as well as in your Terra Organics box.

Helsing Junction

Founded in 1992, Helsing Junction grows 30 acres of organic vegetables, fruit and flowers in Rochester, Washington. They sell their produce locally through a CSA program and wholesale to folks like us.

Terry’s Berries

Terry’s Berries is a certified organic berry and vegetable farm located in the Puyallup Valley. Owners Terry and Dick Carkner have farmed their 20 acres for over 25 years.


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“They taste like real veggies and fruit. The veggies don't have that bland dirt taste to them. Even my husband will eat your broccoli which says a lot!!!”